The most welcoming staff who do an amazing job while keeping it an an upbeat vibe. I came here for my first tattoo and enjoyed the process so much that I ended up getting a second one a week later. They have the cheapest prices and amazing artists. Highly recommended and will be returning for any future tattoos.

Dan Lane Williams

I attended the opening party for this place of Tattoo Art. What impressed me most was the professional atmosphere with a family overtone. Everyone was pleasant and the tone that was set by the old time pressed-tin ceiling left in tact from the previous venue was warm and inviting. All an all an old world feel with a new wave vibe. I would do a tattoo here anytime. Love this place.


I have got my tattoos to Spencer and I was quite nervous but Spencer and other artists were very nice and kind to me.

The price was really good, they tried their best to me! I really love here! I recommend it to all people who want to get great tattoos!
They will try their best to help you get tattoos you want.

Jennelle Alfred

What a wonderful experience! I bought a voucher from Groupon, and called ahead to see if I’d be able to use it right away. Luckily, they said yes.

My artist was Sabrina, and she is awesome! Although I only got an ankle tattoo, she was able to advice me on placement, and whether [or not] one of my choices was good enough to go in that spot.

I’m definitely looking forward to doing a bigger piece at Redink Tattoo Studio.

Mario CEA

Just got my tattoo done by Red at Redink this weekend and couldn't be happier. Red does an amazing job, the attention to detail in his preparation before getting started was impressive to watch and his work is top notch.
The shop has a welcoming vibe and looks great (wanted to grab that Steve McQueen painting).If you are looking for a solid studio that does quality work I highly recommend Redink.

Jonathan Powers

Tattoo shop is so mint looking. Definitely gives a lot of class compared to most tattoo shops where you're feeling like you in a hole in the wall. Reclined tattoo seats, great lighting, perfect lounge area to chill in why you wait. The artist are very talented and go over the top to satisfy you. Highly recommend you guys/girls to stop by and give it a look and see what they have to offer.